It’s worth knowing why you were born. 

You only have one life to change the world.


Be utterly clear on who you are and what drives everything you do.



Define what's important to you and why


Discover who you are happiest working with and for


Develop proper thinking for future decisions that align with who you are


Be effective with your time because you realize where your greatest impact lies


Realize the obvious path to a fulfilled life


Understand your best abilities so you can share them with the world


I LOVED every minute of it. I feel like I can finally make a difference in the world because I have more clarity as far as what kinds of projects I should be getting involved with and I’ll position myself and my business towards problems like that - and clients who value my skills and talents.
— Matej Leban
I’m more focused. It’s a lot easier for me to say no to things that don’t fall in line with who I am, and I don’t feel bad about saying no either. I feel as though I have permission to succeed and also to rise to higher heights. Seriously.
— Josh Crocker
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I feel like I ‘get’ me better, and it feels good that someone else ‘gets’ me too, and that makes it feel ok and safe and good. I like the clarity it provides as a foundation on which to move forward building my life. It provides a purposeful direction for future decisions.

While I’ve always ‘randomly’ ‘done’ things because I could, now I understand ‘why’ - because that’s the essence of who I am. There’s a deep beauty in that.
— Janice Nason
Knowing the core things that bring my fulfillment has enabled me to accelerate in many areas of my life, both business and personal.

I’ve studied myself for over 20 years and simply could not get past this blind spot right in front of me. Now I am able to build quicker, with more energy and greater results.
— Jonathan Nation
Because of the branding exercise I was able to reconnect with my life purpose on a deeper level. I realized the value I add and that I was struggling because i didn’t see the trend in the value I was bringing. It’s transferability made it difficult to recognize a trend but is truly a strength in my pursuit of any contextual area I focus this value on.

As a result I went confidently into a meet and greet with a new consulting client. I was able to define and express to him the value I was offering. I was also more open and able to take direction from subsequent coaching, particularly with regard to finding an area of work that I wanted to apply this unique skill and belief towards.
— CJ Carlee Lemky


What is it worth to know you’re spending time on the people and things that matter most?


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The clarity Amy has given me is amazing - I didn’t even realize I was missing it, but since I have it, I feel as though I’m in the jungle and somebody just handed me a compass and a map. Thanks to Amy, I feel empowered and like I know myself better than ever.
— Renata Haupt