Personal Clarity Package

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Two hour personality deep-dive, personal brand analysis and a second consultation to deliver your belief statement and essence

Personal belief statement that defines why you do what you do

Personal essence statement that clarifies what you bring to the world based on your belief

5 traits that best identify you. Useful in identifying your true “voice” for social media

Implementation guide; How to implement your belief, essence and “voice” with people and social media

The one thing that I carried away from my time with Amy was: “HOW?” How did she do that?

Amy took my lifestyle, my thoughts, my questions honestly - yeah, my questions about myself. Then, she asked a few interesting questions that pivoted the way we were looking at the subject. Suddenly almost everything I ever did of significance just made sense!

Everyone wants to build a successful business, right? ...Develop residual income, figure out how to ‘make it’... But by focusing on things that “made sense” (like the number of new contacts, the number of conversions, or the revenue generated from this or that action) it wasn’t working for me. Understanding my “why” and accepting that it is ‘ok’ enabled me to look at my business, and my relationships, from a whole new perspective...CLICK! Suddenly I’m more excited, more enthused - READY to attack my day and give that value.

Amy’s incredible drive, passion and personality are contagious! Anyone on a path of growth, in any field or pursuit, will benefit from time with Amy!
— Clay Green
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The clarity Amy has given me is amazing - I didn’t even realize I was missing it, but since I have it, I feel as though I’m in the jungle and somebody just handed me a compass and a map. Thanks to Amy, I feel empowered and like I know myself better than ever. I’ve quit my day job because it was suddenly glaringly obvious to me that it was out of alignment with my new compass; within 10 days I started a new business and it has been the easiest thing ever to pitch it and get paying clients. I’m excited and optimistic about what the future holds now that I’m clear about my direction. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Amy on your own personal brand, you’ll get a priceless ROI. Thanks Amy!
— Renata Haupt