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Virtual SaaS Conference

  • Chicago, IL United States (map)
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Here’s what you’ll experience from being part of this event

-Build a 24 month road map for your SaaS business

-Start your SaaS journey with entrepreneurs going in the same direction

-Get a better understanding of the tools available to you as a SaaS entrepreneur

-Be put in touch with successful, seasoned business owners for coaching, mentorship and other opportunities

-Hear stories from the trenches on building a SaaS from people just a few steps down the road. (Not people who have “made” it, but people who are making it happen right now.)



Here's why we need this Virtual SaaS Conference

Have you noticed that few people in the process of building a SaaS are talking about it? I have. I remember thinking about it two years ago when I wanted to read a book on someone creating and running a SaaS in the first few years. I was tired of reading stories of multi-millionaires that recounted their struggle to start their business, and immediately jumped to their success stage at chapter 3.


What does it look like WHILE someone is building a SaaS?

What is happening day to day?

What does it feel like to go from a solo operation to a 4-person team and beyond?


I would hear the stories of a solopreneur and in the turn of a page the solopreneur was a multi-millionaire with 45 employees in an office in Manhattan.


Did I miss something?

How did they get there?!

That’s what I wanted to read about.


I wanted to see the ugly and the adrenaline.

I wanted to know about doubt, fear and confusion, followed by a rising out of the ashes to a win.


A mentor of mine once said, “be the example you wish you had.”


So I’m going to be. In Chicago. I want to give you what I didn’t have at the start of my SaaS journey. I’m going to share my SaaS journey of the last 3 years.


Givily.com is my SaaS. My cloud-based platform helps companies manage their charitable sponsorships. Yes, that’s right, I wake up every day in a remarkable niche helping donations and dollars change hands all over the country. It’s pretty amazing. As amazing as the business is, the journey hasn’t been as charming.


I’m not a multi-millionaire. I’m not in the “she made it” category yet, but I’m definitely in the “she’s making it happen” category. I work with Fortune 500 brands. I have bootstrapped my business, and I also have experience with investors. I’ve done all kinds of lead gen. I have a small group of people working with me now, but I’ve worked alone for most of the journey. I’m a wife, mom, sister, friend and coach. None of those roles stop because I’m running a Saas. They just add to the day to day challenges.


Chicago is going to be a time out of sorts for me, a pause, if you will, to come out of the trenches for the weekend and share what goes on in a SaaS the first 24 months. I’ll be as transparent, and probably a bit more than I care to be. We’ll talk concepts, tactics, B2C, B2B, successes, failures, and everything in between. We will work on and solve problems together. You’ll have a chance to share with others about your business, generate ideas for your biggest obstacle and get clear direction for the future.


A few weeks before the event I will send out a questionnaire to attendees to find out exactly where you are in your SaaS journey, what you’re struggling with and what you need. We will tailor the event to this info.    


I’m a private person. Airing my failures along my SaaS journey isn’t my idea of fun, but I care about you. You’re a few steps behind me, and I want to help accelerate your success by shedding light on this part of the journey.


Come to Chicago. I’ve been exactly where you are and know you need this weekend and this group of SaaS entrepreneurs.


You need this weekend more than any tactics or metrics conference available to you. Trust me.  


Pricing $799/ticket  OR$1199/2 tickets


-2 lunches, lots of munchies, coffee and tea :) (first things first!)

-24 month road map for your SaaS journey

-extraordinary network of SaaS entrepreneurs

-getting ideas to help with your biggest obstacles

-a better understanding of the tools available to you as a SaaS entrepreneur

-be put in touch with successful, seasoned business owners for coaching, mentorship and other opportunities



What you'll need to take care of 


-overnight accommodations (strong recommendation for The Freehand! It looks great and reasonably priced!!)

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