Amy Kauffman
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I was an Event Coordinator for over a decade. I understand the full weight and responsibility of bringing in a great speaker. The event gets a good or bad rep by the speakers. (And the food. Let's be real.) Good event = happy people = returning attendees + more attendees. So if you're looking for a speaker and want peace of mind they'll deliver something valuable, and your audience will be entertained, educated and inspired, I've got you covered. 


That's how I want people to leave when they hear me speak. INSPIRED. I want them to be refreshed, educated, encouraged, challenged and inspired. 

I want them to be headed in the direction of a better self, better business, better relationships, or a better perspective. I want them to be better after they hear me. And so far, they are. 

*See below for topics and audience recommendations. 

The most talked about, most elegant, most beautiful, most articulate person at the event.
— Patricia

An unbelievable speech. It was one of my favorite moments of the event.
— Simon
She kicked all of our asses into high gear during her talk.
— Jason
She speaks from such a soft yet courageous place.
— Henry
She has such charismatic leadership that she’s irresistible to listen to.
— Octavio


CEO/CMO/COO/CTO/CFO, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Women


  • Personalities & Success Systems
  • Pursuing better
  • Utilizing resources
  • Branding
  • Relationships
  • Bootstrapping 
  • Efficiency
  • Technology
  • Mindset
  • Motivation



She is fire and inspiration! Female role models are hard to find in the business world and she totally rocked. Her words keep playing in my mind.
— Kat
She shared her heart and her love, and made a profound impact on my journey through what she shared.
— Spencer
I truly appreciate her attention to detail and ability to motivate. Her talk was amazing.
— Brenton